4 Millennial Problems That Exist

Life is so easy for the millennials according to some. They don’t need to continuously fight for gender or racial equality because it’s already at play. The ladies are free to receive higher education and become an achiever without anyone holding them back. The electronic gadgets you get these days only exist in the dreams as well of the previous generations.


But as luxurious as the life of a young adult seems it’s not all rainbows and cupcakes for everyone. There are real millennial problems that the oldies may never understand. Below are some of them.

  1. Working with incapable bosses

Millennials grow up with plenty of information accessible through one device. Since they’re in a fast-paced environment, they also have to learn things quickly to ride the tide, and most accomplish that. The result is that they’re already brimming with skills even before stepping into the workforce.

The problem comes when they enter a company and become a subordinate to someone whose only edge is being there longer. This incapable boss can pass their workload to the capable younger employee and accept all the recognition when the project succeeds. If it doesn’t, however, he or she will point the blame at the new employee.

The injustice surrounding the entire scenario gives stress to the millennials, without a doubt.

Source: managers.org.uk

2. Seeing fewer opportunities

Consequently, despite the talents and the academic degrees they possess, approximately 40% of the young adult population end up jobless.

The visible reason is that the industries cannot accommodate all the qualified millennials that universities produce each year. Their numbers don’t match the number of vacancies that companies can open. Thus, they become unemployed and have no means to pay off student loans immediately.

Source: accomnews.com.au


3. Having too many options.

There are older folks who claim that the Generation X is full of privileged kids who can get away with anything. No one can blame them since the millennials truly have more freedom to do whatever they please than anybody else in the history.

If young adults thirty years ago dressed in skimpy clothes, acted indecently on the streets, or turn up drunk at home, for example, hell may break loose. These days, parents simply chalk that up as ‘part of growing up.’ Some states even lower their age limit for drinking, which offers young adults a choice to spend time with liquor bottles rather than books and other productive stuff.

I guess the confidence shown to the millennials is alright at some point. But having too many choices too early can blindside them about what’s OK and what’s proper.

Source: everydayhealth.com


4. Developing mental illnesses.

Of course, we shouldn’t discount as well the fact that the patients diagnosed with some form of mental disorder are getting younger. Aside from social pressure, a lot of the millennials feel like they don’t know who they are. Not to mention, the stress of living up to the expectations of everyone who gave you your wants and needs is always there.


How Bipolar Disorder Can Destroy A Person

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It’s New Year’s Day and our family is on a holiday. We are in a tropical resort in the Philippines and it’s hot as ever – January 1st at 38 degrees! I never imagined we’d be spending a summer-y New Year since I’m used to snow in Seattle. I never imagined that we’d be spending so much fun time in the Philippines, of all places, on New Year’s Day, after everything. Three years ago was hell for our family, our marriage, and it was all my fault.

My husband has assured me several times (I’ve lost count) that I’m not a bad wife/mother. But no. As much as I want to believe him, I know the truth. I destroyed our family. I willingly and intentionally broke my vows and gave in to temptation. There is no excuse for what I did and yet, my husband was there, forgiving and accepting.

Do I deserve this chance? In my heart I know that I don’t. You see, I left my husband and sons three years ago and pursued a sinful affair with my business partner. At first, I was drowned in happiness and bliss. We were like honeymooners, jumping from one city to another, enjoying the false intimacy while walking hand in hand. Disgusting. He was single, but I wasn’t. I was so selfish and I even abandoned my kids and husband just so I can pursue my immoral personal desires.

Why did I do this? I am not fishing for reasons or finding ways to excuse my unforgivable behavior, but after giving birth to my second son, my mood swings turned from bad to extremely toxic. One minute I was truly happy and the next, I’d be awfully depressed. Later on we found out that I have Bipolar Disorder.

Source: empowher.com

When my “boyfriend” saw the real me, he ran in the opposite direction as fast as he could – he even sold his share of the business to a mutual friend and left the state. Of course, I didn’t take it well. I discarded my family for him and he betrayed me just like that. He didn’t want the extra hassle and my Bipolar Disorder was getting in the way. He couldn’t accept it.

And so, I was severely depressed and even lost my mind to a point that I took a blade and slashed my wrists. I felt my soul slowly slipping away and then, not long after I did it, I succumb to darkness.

Source: inlifehealthcare.com

The place smelled like vanilla and roses. The man with a beard pressed his lips on my forehead as he said – You have so much ahead of you. Go back. And then, I woke up. I saw a familiar face, those blue eyes who once captivated my heart. It was my husband and he forced a weak smile as I woke up. He squeezed my hand and told me – Don’t ever leave me again. I left all of them and was with another man, but he’s here after everything that I’ve done. I don’t deserve him, but he says that he deserves me and I’ll never understand why.

Now as I look at our life having fun in a summer-y themed Christmas after everything, I have been very lucky and blessed. I was given a second chance in everything and I will do my very best despite my being Bipolar. Online therapy helps so much and my husband and children are my medication. I will not mess this up again. I cannot do it to them again.

Surprising Emotional Changes That Can Happen During a Career Switch

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Having a job you hate can make work more difficult and tiring. Unfortunately, It is seldom that people realize how unhappy they are with the career they chose at an early stage. Often times, the urge to pursue a job they really like comes later such as when they pass the probation stage hence making the switch a daunting task.

If in case you decide to venture a different path to explore more opportunities, you should brace yourself with the possible hurdles that you might face along the way because the journey won’t come easy until you find the perfect recipe for success.

Moving out of your comfort zone can be scary and can bring a roller coaster of emotions therefore, Getting familiar with the positive and negative feelings you may experience on the process is a great way to start your career transition.


Stage 1: Depression and Fear

Letting go of your current job can bring a level of excitement, but when things finally sink in, you may end up feeling sad and depressed because you are no longer sure of what will happen next and you suddenly become afraid of what the future holds. The unfamiliar environment and new people around you can be intimidating which adds up to your frustration. But don’t worry, it’s nothing but normal to feel uncertain and dispirited. Accept that you have to go through this stage to prosper with your new career.

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Stage 2: Regret and Anxiety

With your new job, you can encounter new tasks that you have not done before so there is a tendency that you will feel uncomfortable with the activities and pressured with the timeline given to you. You may feel anxious with the outcome or the quality of your performance and deep inside you will question yourself if you have made the right choice.


Stage 3: Familiarization and Acceptance

As you move forward, you will feel a sense of belonging in your workplace. You meet new friends, become oriented with your day to day tasks and you will feel that things are falling into place. When you start feeling at ease, your work flows smoothly, your doubts starts to fade and you begin to enjoy your new job.


Stage 4: Determination

At this point you have already developed a feeling of relief and you focus more on the factors that can help you develop a right mindset and a better game plan. You become more goal oriented and eager to succeed.

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Switching to a new career path is one of the biggest decision that you could ever make in your life. The transition phase can be really difficult and at some point you will question the choice that you made. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you should stick to a job that you do not like. While you have to undergo the 4 stages of emotional changes on the process, exploring the unknown to seek for a better future or to fulfill your hearts desire will always be worth it in the end.

Self-Improvement Principles For A Healthy Well-Being

Overall personal development can take a long process. However, it doesn’t need to make a few minutes to begin improving one’s self. The growth of the mental and emotional aspects is always significant. That’s why one needs to pay attention to what benefits these factors. There are tons of therapy tips and guidelines to choose from. As long as there is the belief that any big goal can break down into a smaller task, an individual can genuinely get by with those adjustments he is about to take. In this article, I will try to enumerate some of the essential self-improvement principles one should consider mastering.

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Avoid Toxic Environment

One of the reasons why most people don’t succeed in life is because they choose to stick with what they believe is a better environment. However, there’s no such thing as a “better environment” when everything around regularly creates stress and pressure. Though some of the challenges in it may be beneficial for growth and self-development, the consistency can make an unfortunate turn of events. Therefore, if there’s a possibility that an individual can stay away from toxicity, he should work his way out of it immediately. That way, that person can have a chance to save his overall well-being.

Appreciate Things

As human beings, it is easy for a lot of people to complain about stuff. That’s because they don’t have contentment in life. They somehow don’t value things around them and often wish to trade what they currently have to something they desire. But when a person learns to appreciate what he’s holding onto, whether it’s a small thing, it creates a different perspective. It improves self-worth and self-love. When there’s appreciation on everything, one can become happy and fulfilled without questions asked.

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Embrace The Negativity Within

Self-improvement has a lot to do with negativity. It is the primary reason why an individual has unique characteristics. However, most of them don’t realize that having these negative vibes is also beneficial for one’s development. It shouldn’t become the reason that will push someone into thinking that he is never good at anything. Instead of believing that the negativity won’t help someone in improving himself, it should be the other way around. One can use it to accept the challenges better, create a necessary adjustment, and love himself unconditionally.

Don’t Be Afraid To Create A Mistake


The reason why a lot of people don’t see positive solutions in their misfortune is that they don’t try to acknowledge their slip-ups. They often ignore one of the essential ways to grow which is learning from their mistakes. Most of the time, they do it exaggeratedly, but they don’t have to because one wrong decision can be enough to teach a person a valuable lesson. There’s no need to try and repeat the mistakes over and over again to understand what it is and see how things would end.

Try To Make A Difference


Self-improvement is a process where a person needs to understand what he needs to do, change, and sacrifice, to become a better version of himself. Perhaps it’s more convenient when an individual consistently chose to stay as someone he is used to be. But, that particular thinking doesn’t always work for some reason. One specific way an individual grow is through changing and making a difference. Yes, one can stick to his principles, but it won’t hurt him to try and acknowledge methods that can potentially increase his overall development. And if fortunate, the adjustments he will create can eventually lead to better self-awareness.

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Be Yourself


Most individuals often misunderstand themselves because of what society thinks about them. Well, some are okay with the idea, and others are not though. But the exact reason why there’s a slow growth is because of “overthinking” about the situation. When a person continually cares about other people’s judgment, he is closing the door for self-improvement. But when he try and believe that none of their opinion matters, he will create a healthier view of himself. He will begin to like, love, and understand his personality way better.

Improving one’s self is a tough challenge to do. However, it is possible to attain once it becomes a choice.

Mental Health Hacks Stop Caring About What People Think And Say About You

We all live in an era where we value and look forward to what other people will tell and think about us. Sometimes, it gets pleasing when the comments are all positive and endearing. However, it gets mentally and emotionally draining when it is something we don’t want to hear or know. But why is that? Why do we feel that what others think of us is necessary than what we want to tell ourselves? Why do we let them say things we know are somehow irrelevant to who we are? Why do we let these people harm our emotional and mental health?

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Pleasing Others Is Mentally Damaging

The main reason why people are so obsessed with what others think is due to self-validation. As humans, we often feel the need to prove ourselves and show people that we are good enough in everything. We don’t like it like when others are against us, and we love to know that some are on our side. It’s our nature to heed and want their approval at all cost. With that particular mentally, we disclose our true selves. That instead of showing people who we are and do the thing we like to do, we often pretend to be someone else only to please those people who already set an image of who we’re going to be. We hide what we don’t want others to know about us. In some unfortunate events, we try and destroy our personality only to give people a concrete resolution of what they thought about us. The constant focus of what others think about us only leads us to dead-end tracks.

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In some unfortunate circumstances, our self-doubts become the reason for mental degeneration. When we don’t stop caring about other people’s opinions, we tend to become stressed and anxious about everything. We will have this mentality that we are obliged to frequently prove ourselves no matter what, and do things even if it is not worthy. With that, we developed a psychological condition that will eventually grow harmful. As a result, we won’t be able to handle both our way of thinking and actions for long-term situations. So why is that bad? Well, that’s because when we get anxious and depressed, we lose interest in living. It affects all the right things in our lives and makes us dysfunctional. We can also potentially become paranoid and might suffer from sleepless nights.

Start Caring About Yourself

Pleasing others is the worst thing to do. Every individual is different, and we have to embrace that fact. There is no limit on how and who we can become. There should have to be an empowering mindset that will set us apart from the rest. It is essential to understand that it is okay to be different. That what we do doesn’t necessarily need validation from others. We have to take care of our emotional and mental health because it is what keeps us capable of doing almost everything. Yes, we can sometimes agree with other people’s perception. But it doesn’t have to determine things that will make us whole. Part of their opinion matters and for sure, it will help us improve ourselves. However, we don’t have to put too much focus on the negative things because we can still find ways to change it. We are capable of becoming better and live up to our values in life.

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Final Thought

It is indispensable that we concentrate on our life values where we can become proud of ourselves. That no matter what other people would say and think about us, it should never become a definition of who we are. We don’t have to feel embarrassed about the things we do that others don’t appreciate. We don’t have to live up with what society thinks we should become. We don’t need to check our actions and prove our worth invariably. When we finally managed to stop caring about what others used to say and think about us, it becomes a relief. We get to experience a sense of self-love. There is emotional and mental wellness too. So start appreciating yourself now. Look your best and aim to become a better version.

Cancer And Your Mental Health

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Many people with cancer develop depression during the disease. However, it is not given the much-needed attention because fighting the cancer cells is the top priority. Depression does not only affect the cancer patient but also the people around him. Therapy may be of help, but when you’re facing the possibility of death, the depression will become too strong to cope.

Studies have shown that 3 out of 4 depressed cancer patients do not undergo treatment for depression. A new treatment program was designed to help cancer patients battle with depression and at the same time enhance their life’s quality.

Good thing that mental health is given the attention that it supposedly should have years ago and it includes treating a cancer patient using the holistic approach.

Some researchers from renowned school in Europe have done impressive research connecting the frequency of occurrence of depression to cancer patients and how to improve the therapies that are being used.

Source: pixabay.com

Depression And Cancer – What’s The Story?

It is natural that when someone from your family was diagnosed with cancer, the other members would feel sad and worry. However, natural feelings and clinical depression should be clearly defined. Thus, the study that was made focused more on the clinical depression that can significantly affect the person’s ability to do the activities of daily living.

To feel the sadness when diagnosed with cancer is one thing, but being diagnosed with clinical depression together with the cancer diagnosis is another thing. Often, the latter usually go unnoticed and always get mistaken by the previous because the physical disease is more of a concern than the mental health of the person.

Without a doubt, cancer should be prioritized first. However, the mental health of the cancer patient and the people living with the patient should also be given importance.

Making a holistic approach kind of treatment does not improve the physical well-being of the patient, but most importantly it promotes the general quality of life.

Source: pixabay.com

Measuring The Problem And Trying To Solve It

During the study, researchers have found that depression is likely to happen to cancer patients than to the general population. Mainly, cancer patients who were given less chance of survival rate go through depression.

In this study, it also showed that depressed cancer patients do not react to their cancer treatment well. And if depression gets notice, only 1 out of 4 patients get an antidepressant medication.

In the second part of the study, which focuses more on improving the treatment of depressed cancer patients, the researchers have developed the DCPC or Depression Care for People with Cancer treatment program and later on compared the result to the existing treatment for cancer patients with depression.

Typically, depressed cancer patients are treated by their GPs only, but with DCPC, specially trained nurses, psychiatrists, GPs, and oncologists form the core team. Aside from giving out antidepressants, the team also encourage the patients to go on with their life and do the things that they love doing.

The nurses assist the patient in identifying their issues in life and then help them control their lives again.  The DCPC treatment is comprehensive, thorough, well structured and designed for the treatment of cancer patients. Furthermore, the new treatment is cost-effective, and it is only a small fraction of the other cancer treatments price.

Likewise, during the research, a group of depressed cancer patients whose survival rate are high where divided into two, the first group were to receive the DCPC treatment while the other gets the standard treatment. In the end, more than half of the first group shows improvement with their depression, while with the second group there were only 17% of patients that showed improvement.

Furthermore, patients who received the DCPC treatment showed better overall health and quality of life.

In the third part of the research, the treatment was tried on cancer patients who have poor prognosis like patients with lung cancer.

Many lung cancer patients continued with the standard treatment while there were some who were treated using the DCPC program. Just the same, DCPC treatment is more competent in addressing the mental health of the patient. After eight months of treatment, patients treated by the DCPC program are less anxious, less depressed and ha a better quality of life.

A Brighter Future

Living with cancer is hard and so does living with depression, but battling both of the conditions is even worse. The study that was conducted gives valuable insights on how to identify cancer patients who are most likely to suffer from depression too. Not only that, but it also shows the importance of treating the depression of a cancer patient.

More so, the research was able to prove that diagnosing clinical depression is not enough, but treatment should be done urgently. The study also shows that cancer patients recognize and accept the feeling but does not recognize them to be treatable. With the help of DCPC, cancer patients can identify and understand the sentiment and understand that they could get help in a not expensive way.

DCPC may not change the treatment of the depression to cancer patients instantly, but it gives them a new alternative.

6 Ways To Care For Your Mental Health

If there is one thing that you need to focus on your life right now, it is taking excellent care of your mental health. Remember that every single day, the number of people affected by mental illnesses keeps on increasing. For this reason, it is crucial on your part to give it your preferential attention to ensure that you continue to acquire mental stability and genuine happiness. Remember that having problems in your mental health can lead to severe conflicts with yourself as well as the people surrounding you – such as your family, friends or even lover.

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As such, you need to make it a top priority to look into your overall well-being. In this article, allow us to provide you with a comprehensive list of the tips that you need to follow to achieve the goal mentioned above. Make sure to familiarize yourself with these:

Avoid The Stressors

The first thing that you must do is to identify the stressors in your life. Once you have completed this process, it is time to prepare yourself to eliminate them slowly. For example, if you find your work to be too stressful, it is best if you would resign from the company where you are connected. Do not be afraid to eliminate the cause of stress because failure to do so will make your life miserable. The goal is to do more of what makes you happy. Conversely, do less of the things that will only bring on the pressure in your life.

Reach Out To Others

Cliché as it may sound, but it is true that no man is an island. Whether you like it or not, the reality in this world is that you cannot survive on your own. At some point in your happy life, you must have the courage to connect with the people surrounding you. Keep in mind that such does not mean that you can merely make friends even to people who make you unhappy. What is highly essential at this point is to take notice of the persons in your life who make you feel comfortable. Work harder to strengthen your relationship with them.

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Open Up About Your Problems

As much as possible, avoid keeping your issues all to yourself. A recent study shows that the mere act of talking about one’s problems to is already therapeutic. It means that sharing to others can already improve your mood and feelings. When it comes to opening up about these things, be sure to remain honest at all times. Do not sugarcoat what you will share with others because you are only fooling yourself. At the same time, the other person may not be able to provide you with proper advice or assistance if you are not telling the truth to him. At this point, it is crucial for you to look for someone who is trustworthy so that you will not have a hard time talking about your emotions.

Be Physically Active

Improve the way you feel by engaging in physical activities on a regular basis. Stop making excuses for not taking good care of your physical health by choosing to live a sedentary lifestyle. What you must do right now is to promise yourself to go on a daily exercise until your body gets used to it. In so doing, you will not only help yourself to avoid sickness but also make you feel good about yourself. As such, continuous exercise can lift you up. Such an effect is caused by the release of dopamine, also known as happy hormones, to your body.

Eat Healthily

Follow a strict and balanced diet so that you will not have an issue about your health. Remember that obesity or being too fat can cause depression and humiliation. You will not feel comfortable about who you are if you will continue to follow a lifestyle that is abusive to your health. Find a way to eat healthy food choices so that you can avoid severe medical illnesses. Fortunately, it is now easier to follow a healthy lifestyle because of the presence of organic stores and healthy shops in different places around the globe.

Source: pixabay.com

Talk To A Therapist

Unfortunately, seeing a therapist is still considered as a taboo in many places in the world. There are still several individuals who are hesitant to meet up with a psychiatrist or a counselor because of the fear of being judged by the people around them. The truth of the matter here is that no one is supposed to make anybody feel that way. Do not think of what the people surrounding you might say if you decide to talk to a therapist. You have every right to follow what you think is best. Remember that the said professional can help you have a better understanding of yourself and your environment.

Remember the things mentioned above because every single item is crucial for the improvement of your mental health.

2015 Lakewood Counseling Symposium

The 2015 Lakewood Counseling Symposium hits a success after the empowering goal-oriented conference held in Colorado. The event was value driven, well-organized, and systematically empowering. The discussion focused on family issues and interventions. Though not all people are happy to hear tons of unresolved marital problems, they are still satisfied and happy to share their experiences and learn from it as well.

Source: thebluediamondgallery.com

The primary target of the event was to provide awareness to marital consequences, particularly divorce. The conference discussed the adverse impact of the marriage separation not only to the couples but also to their kids as well. Since a lot of people think that the officially authorized separation is already a norm, nobody seemed to realize its effect in children’s overall development. And because divorce becomes widely available in all states across the significant parts of the world, people think of it as a primary option for relationship resolution.

The symposium showcased different possible scenarios of divorce such as cheating, drug and alcohol abuse, violence, unsolicited advice, and a lot more. With the given causes of marriage failure, interventions are also handed out such as therapy and marriage counseling. The symposium didn’t limit its topics there. The conference also manages to incorporate financial discussion for the families’ betterment, societal and community involvement, as well as mental health awareness.

Source: pixabay.com

The danger of not involving children in discussion with regards to divorce is merely torture. Since they are part of the unit, it is their right to speak out and say what they feel. Not all people will agree to this, but kids have the right to be involved in a situation where there’s a lot of pain and heartaches. That’s because it will allow them to gather a more concise realization that the world is not always going to favor them.

Teens Are Super Affected With Their Parent’s Infidelity: Talks Of Wanting To Die, A True Story


My eldest daughter exploded on me months ago. She said, “I am depressed too, you know. I am having a hard time dealing with all of this, mom. Our house is not a home. This is all bullcrap. I hate this life. I just want to die!”

She is nineteen, and yes, her words are alarming. She could be telling the truth, and do what she says. Or it could be that her hormones are acting up, as the teenager that she is, and her declaration of “wanting to die” is just an imbalance of hormones in her brain. Truthfully, I would go for the imbalance reason. At least, I’ll know that she doesn’t mean it. No matter he stubborn and challenging she is for me to handle, she is my child. She is my firstborn, and I love her with all my heart, mind, and soul.


Teenagers hate everything, we all know that. I did my research on Google. I was led to a website in South Africa saying that in their country, 1 out of 5 teenagers wishes to die. Teen suicide is outrageously rampant, and it sank my heart too deep. My search stopped there, and I didn’t want to continue. Could it be true that my eldest really wanted to die? If so, what can I do about it?

How It Came About

Okay, let’s start from the beginning. My eldest daughter (I have five kids; four of them are girls and an only boy) discovered that her father was having an affair. She found him, more like, she saw his car parked outside a condominium building when he was supposed to be on travel. Upon seeing her father’s car, my daughter called me up. We met right outside the building, and that’s how we confronted her father.

I thought that everything was just fine with her since she is a headstrong and tough young lady. I didn’t realize that it would hit her hard. She seemed so fine, at first. Well, after two months of bottling it in, she exploded. She lashed out, and she released it on me. I can now attest that having your kids with you when you discover or confront your spouse who is cheating on you, is a big NO.


My daughter, right now, is trying to cope. She has ways on how to handle her anger issues and depression. I think her therapist helped her with that. After the incident, my best friend who happens to be a child psychologist, professionally recommended that I bring my daughter to a colleague of her. She said that my eldest needs to release her anger safely and talk to a person who is unbiased since I can’t do that. I am so glad that I did what she advised me to do.

She is not exploding anymore, and I noticed that she’d been involved with her varsity team more than ever. My daughter plays Ladies Team Football Varsity in their university, and she’s been happy. I learned that she broke up with her boyfriend, for reasons I don’t know. I hope it’s for the best. I hope that she will be finally good, mentally and emotionally. I don’t want my daughter to belong in the statistics.

Effects Of Stress On Your Overall Well-Being

Occasionally, we experience stress in our lives. It can be because of work, relationships, or even just minor things that bother us throughout the day. Regardless of what the cause may be, these stressors can get too intense if not appropriately managed. At the same time, it can take a toll on our health and overall well-being too.

Source: pixabay.com

As a person with lots of priorities, the last thing you would want is for your health to deteriorate. However, how does stress mainly affect you and your health? Moreover, what can you possibly do to manage your stress?


Why Is Stress Bad For You?

Stress is often considered a negative thing, but it can be both good and bad. On the one hand, it can be a good kind of pressure, but on the other side, it can go awry when left unmanaged. So how would you know if that “stress” is already bad for you? 


Well, you might feel anxious most of the time, and the occasional “push” that stress gives you turns into a regular one. The thing is, when your body feels stressed, it goes into a “fight or flight” mode. Stress can elevate certain hormones and chemicals in your body, such as adrenaline, cortisol, and norepinephrine. 


When these things are released into your body, it can affect how your body usually works, such as shutting down your digestion. Elevated cortisol also poses a risk to your health, as it increases your sugar and blood pressure level. 


How To Manage Stress


  • Meditation and Calming Exercises


Practicing Yoga or doing meditation exercises are not only good for your mind and body, but it is also said to nourish your soul. By keeping in touch with your inner self, you are getting rid of the negative thoughts which have been consuming you for the past weeks.

Source: flickr.com

At the same time, some poses in yoga can also make you feel calm or empowered, such as the moon pose. According to Savita Joshi, a yoga therapist at Yoga Bharati, this pose improves your blood circulation in the head area and directs your energy towards that region. 



  • Eating Healthy Food


Eating a well-balanced meal can help you get the right energy you need for the whole day. Imagine working an 8-hour shift with only coffee in your stomach; this habit would surely ruin your health. Try to eat green and leafy vegetables together with your choice of protein. Perhaps also cut down on your caffeine intake, as this may increase your acidity level. 


  • Cut Down Some Commitments


Lastly, accept that you are not superhuman. You can only do so much to the point of breaking down. Instead of adding more commitments, learn to let go of some, especially if they cost you more stress than fulfillment. At the end of the day, it is all about what makes you happy and satisfied.



  • Get The Right Kind Of Help


Whenever you are feeling stressed, it is okay to let someone know. Letting your loved ones know your troubles will help you manage your emotions better and will lead to a healthier conversation about mental health. 

Source: flickr.com

However, when you are feeling embarrassed to tell your family, you can always seek the help of a professional. At BetterHelp, they offer online counseling services that are guaranteed to keep your situation confidential. At the same time, they provide professional help at the convenience of your own home, so you don’t have to be anxious about being in public. You can check their website and get to know more about their counseling services and free advice on stress.