Clean Environment Means Healthy Body And Mind


The 2019 Environmental Health Conference was a good venue for environmentalists (and entrepreneurs as well) to discuss and share their expertise on how the environment affects our daily life as well as our mental wellness as individuals. It was an excellent opportunity to listen to the talks there on how we can take care of our environment since it is taking care of us too. Indeed, having a healthy environment equates to a good life for every individual.

The conference was attended by environmentalists, businessmen, and health experts throughout the region and discussed how we could help in taking care of our environment so that it would take care of us also in return. When talking about environmental health, it is more about the risks and hazards brought about by pollution and toxic contaminants. Factories and people, however little it is, have been producing bad factors for our environment nowadays. Due to the constant demand for advancement, people do not realize yet how much this advancement has contributed to environmental hazards. And in the long run, it will also affect one’s physical and mental health.


People who hold high positions in the government or authorities in environmental organizations should make this matter extremely urgent to save Mother Earth. Having a healthy environment does not only affect a particular individual. It will affect everyone and produce ripples. This may not be that easy but environmental laws for ecological balance should be of utmost priority. Of course, new factories and buildings can provide jobs for people, but they should also be assessed well if they do really make a significant contribution or just cause an environmental hazard in the long run.

One classic tip in maintaining a healthy and fresh environment would be to plant a tree or create a house garden, even the vertical one. Since we all benefit from trees – from papers, furniture, money – why not replace it upon using? Imagine visiting a natural park full of tall trees with no tall buildings and factories nearby. It will surely calm your chaotic mind and will undoubtedly keep you away from the stress of work and the city. Surely, a healthy environment equates to a healthy mind and body.

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