Surprising Emotional Changes That Can Happen During a Career Switch


Having a job you hate can make work more difficult and tiring. Unfortunately, It is seldom that people realize how unhappy they are with the career they chose at an early stage. Often times, the urge to pursue a job they really like comes later such as when they pass the probation stage hence making the switch a daunting task.

If in case you decide to venture a different path to explore more opportunities, you should brace yourself with the possible hurdles that you might face along the way because the journey won’t come easy until you find the perfect recipe for success.

Moving out of your comfort zone can be scary and can bring a roller coaster of emotions therefore, Getting familiar with the positive and negative feelings you may experience on the process is a great way to start your career transition.


Stage 1: Depression and Fear

Letting go of your current job can bring a level of excitement, but when things finally sink in, you may end up feeling sad and depressed because you are no longer sure of what will happen next and you suddenly become afraid of what the future holds. The unfamiliar environment and new people around you can be intimidating which adds up to your frustration. But don’t worry, it’s nothing but normal to feel uncertain and dispirited. Accept that you have to go through this stage to prosper with your new career.


Stage 2: Regret and Anxiety

With your new job, you can encounter new tasks that you have not done before so there is a tendency that you will feel uncomfortable with the activities and pressured with the timeline given to you. You may feel anxious with the outcome or the quality of your performance and deep inside you will question yourself if you have made the right choice.


Stage 3: Familiarization and Acceptance

As you move forward, you will feel a sense of belonging in your workplace. You meet new friends, become oriented with your day to day tasks and you will feel that things are falling into place. When you start feeling at ease, your work flows smoothly, your doubts starts to fade and you begin to enjoy your new job.


Stage 4: Determination

At this point you have already developed a feeling of relief and you focus more on the factors that can help you develop a right mindset and a better game plan. You become more goal oriented and eager to succeed.


Switching to a new career path is one of the biggest decision that you could ever make in your life. The transition phase can be really difficult and at some point you will question the choice that you made. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you should stick to a job that you do not like. While you have to undergo the 4 stages of emotional changes on the process, exploring the unknown to seek for a better future or to fulfill your hearts desire will always be worth it in the end.

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