4 Millennial Problems That Exist

Life is so easy for the millennials according to some. They don’t need to continuously fight for gender or racial equality because it’s already at play. The ladies are free to receive higher education and become an achiever without anyone holding them back. The electronic gadgets you get these days only exist in the dreams as well of the previous generations.


But as luxurious as the life of a young adult seems it’s not all rainbows and cupcakes for everyone. There are real millennial problems that the oldies may never understand. Below are some of them.

  1. Working with incapable bosses

Millennials grow up with plenty of information accessible through one device. Since they’re in a fast-paced environment, they also have to learn things quickly to ride the tide, and most accomplish that. The result is that they’re already brimming with skills even before stepping into the workforce.

The problem comes when they enter a company and become a subordinate to someone whose only edge is being there longer. This incapable boss can pass their workload to the capable younger employee and accept all the recognition when the project succeeds. If it doesn’t, however, he or she will point the blame at the new employee.

The injustice surrounding the entire scenario gives stress to the millennials, without a doubt.

Source: managers.org.uk

2. Seeing fewer opportunities

Consequently, despite the talents and the academic degrees they possess, approximately 40% of the young adult population end up jobless.

The visible reason is that the industries cannot accommodate all the qualified millennials that universities produce each year. Their numbers don’t match the number of vacancies that companies can open. Thus, they become unemployed and have no means to pay off student loans immediately.

Source: accomnews.com.au


3. Having too many options.

There are older folks who claim that the Generation X is full of privileged kids who can get away with anything. No one can blame them since the millennials truly have more freedom to do whatever they please than anybody else in the history.

If young adults thirty years ago dressed in skimpy clothes, acted indecently on the streets, or turn up drunk at home, for example, hell may break loose. These days, parents simply chalk that up as ‘part of growing up.’ Some states even lower their age limit for drinking, which offers young adults a choice to spend time with liquor bottles rather than books and other productive stuff.

I guess the confidence shown to the millennials is alright at some point. But having too many choices too early can blindside them about what’s OK and what’s proper.

Source: everydayhealth.com


4. Developing mental illnesses.

Of course, we shouldn’t discount as well the fact that the patients diagnosed with some form of mental disorder are getting younger. Aside from social pressure, a lot of the millennials feel like they don’t know who they are. Not to mention, the stress of living up to the expectations of everyone who gave you your wants and needs is always there.


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