Mental Health Hacks Stop Caring About What People Think And Say About You

We all live in an era where we value and look forward to what other people will tell and think about us. Sometimes, it gets pleasing when the comments are all positive and endearing. However, it gets mentally and emotionally draining when it is something we don’t want to hear or know. But why is that? Why do we feel that what others think of us is necessary than what we want to tell ourselves? Why do we let them say things we know are somehow irrelevant to who we are? Why do we let these people harm our emotional and mental health?


Pleasing Others Is Mentally Damaging

The main reason why people are so obsessed with what others think is due to self-validation. As humans, we often feel the need to prove ourselves and show people that we are good enough in everything. We don’t like it like when others are against us, and we love to know that some are on our side. It’s our nature to heed and want their approval at all cost. With that particular mentally, we disclose our true selves. That instead of showing people who we are and do the thing we like to do, we often pretend to be someone else only to please those people who already set an image of who we’re going to be. We hide what we don’t want others to know about us. In some unfortunate events, we try and destroy our personality only to give people a concrete resolution of what they thought about us. The constant focus of what others think about us only leads us to dead-end tracks.


In some unfortunate circumstances, our self-doubts become the reason for mental degeneration. When we don’t stop caring about other people’s opinions, we tend to become stressed and anxious about everything. We will have this mentality that we are obliged to frequently prove ourselves no matter what, and do things even if it is not worthy. With that, we developed a psychological condition that will eventually grow harmful. As a result, we won’t be able to handle both our way of thinking and actions for long-term situations. So why is that bad? Well, that’s because when we get anxious and depressed, we lose interest in living. It affects all the right things in our lives and makes us dysfunctional. We can also potentially become paranoid and might suffer from sleepless nights.

Start Caring About Yourself

Pleasing others is the worst thing to do. Every individual is different, and we have to embrace that fact. There is no limit on how and who we can become. There should have to be an empowering mindset that will set us apart from the rest. It is essential to understand that it is okay to be different. That what we do doesn’t necessarily need validation from others. We have to take care of our emotional and mental health because it is what keeps us capable of doing almost everything. Yes, we can sometimes agree with other people’s perception. But it doesn’t have to determine things that will make us whole. Part of their opinion matters and for sure, it will help us improve ourselves. However, we don’t have to put too much focus on the negative things because we can still find ways to change it. We are capable of becoming better and live up to our values in life.


Final Thought

It is indispensable that we concentrate on our life values where we can become proud of ourselves. That no matter what other people would say and think about us, it should never become a definition of who we are. We don’t have to feel embarrassed about the things we do that others don’t appreciate. We don’t have to live up with what society thinks we should become. We don’t need to check our actions and prove our worth invariably. When we finally managed to stop caring about what others used to say and think about us, it becomes a relief. We get to experience a sense of self-love. There is emotional and mental wellness too. So start appreciating yourself now. Look your best and aim to become a better version.

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