2015 Lakewood Counseling Symposium

The 2015 Lakewood Counseling Symposium hits a success after the empowering goal-oriented conference held in Colorado. The event was value driven, well-organized, and systematically empowering. The discussion focused on family issues and interventions. Though not all people are happy to hear tons of unresolved marital problems, they are still satisfied and happy to share their experiences and learn from it as well.

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The primary target of the event was to provide awareness to marital consequences, particularly divorce. The conference discussed the adverse impact of the marriage separation not only to the couples but also to their kids as well. Since a lot of people think that the officially authorized separation is already a norm, nobody seemed to realize its effect in children’s overall development. And because divorce becomes widely available in all states across the significant parts of the world, people think of it as a primary option for relationship resolution.

The symposium showcased different possible scenarios of divorce such as cheating, drug and alcohol abuse, violence, unsolicited advice, and a lot more. With the given causes of marriage failure, interventions are also handed out such as therapy and marriage counseling. The symposium didn’t limit its topics there. The conference also manages to incorporate financial discussion for the families’ betterment, societal and community involvement, as well as mental health awareness.

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The danger of not involving children in discussion with regards to divorce is merely torture. Since they are part of the unit, it is their right to speak out and say what they feel. Not all people will agree to this, but kids have the right to be involved in a situation where there’s a lot of pain and heartaches. That’s because it will allow them to gather a more concise realization that the world is not always going to favor them.