Top 10 Web Forums For Relationship Counseling, Advice And Support (Part 2)


As said in the previous post, this is part two of the Top 10 web forums for relationship counseling, advice, and support. A long post will bore readers, and that’s why this article was divided into two. 


Anyway, it’s better to discuss fewer things in one go so that the reader will absorb all of it. This blog is about relationship help and blowing too much information at one time will confuse the person reading it. With this, the discussion continues as people need all the help they can get when it comes to their love life.


Marriage Builders Discussion Forums


The Marriage Builder Discussion Forums is composed of an active community. People come and go to seek marriage-related support, tips, advice, answers, and encouragement. It also helps couples even to strengthen and rekindle their love for each other and find ways on how to bond together as a family as well.


There is also a question and answer column in this forum. Dr. Harley, the creator of Marriage Builders and a well-renowned author, compiled a list of topics that patients of his asked advice on over the years. It is a very worthy read, and if you have queries that are a bit sensitive, you can scroll down on this column. 


Marriage Helper Forums


Joe Beam and his team’s work, the Marriage Helper, has been assisting people on their marriages since 2011. To do this, they are using trends in relationships to make marriages work and for couples to stay together using new and innovative techniques. Issues such as sex, intimacy, resentment, affairs, and economic problems are also being tackled in the forum.


MedHelp Communities


The forums at MedHelp provides relationship and family counseling. To even help people more efficiently, separate forums for the community-based answers and professional advice are put up.


If you notice on the site, the top forum is about diabetes. If you or your partner are suffering from this disease, it can be a helpful community. Everything is practically on this site, and they have all kinds of sources when it comes to physical and mental health. As for relationship issues, it would be best to go to their Mental Health – Relationships community forum.


Talk About Marriage


This forum talks about a marriage or a relationship from different standpoints in life to even better understand how things work. They also provide several tips for couples to stay together amidst problems and for families to have a more loving relationship.


You Are Not Alone


Having issues and problems in life makes you seem that no one is with you. But with You Are Not Alone, you are indeed not alone as forum members of this community are there to support you. Hold on and never give up on your life and your loved one – that is if there’s still love in your heart.


Including the first post, these are just ten of the best places to seek advice and answers when facing some family or relationship issues. Don’t hesitate to join these forums. If you want, post your problems anonymously, and answers will show up in no time. Other messages of support will also come your way.


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