Top 10 Web Forums For Relationship Counseling, Advice And Support (Part 1)

The quote goes like this: “It takes a community to nurture a child.” Communities are necessary primarily if they are supporting people who are in the midst of separation, having troubles with parenting, undergoing relationship issues, suffering from depression, facing a crisis and more. These said communities have good people in them who help others cope, move on and surpass the trials in their lives.


With that, one can always turn to online communities who assist. These ten forums over the internet are available for you to open up your problems. It is also a way for you to let other people lessen your burden, those who know what you are going through right now. Expect some counseling, support, and advice. 


These forums are also highly moderated by professional counselors and other community members as well, so don’t be afraid. Also, it’s essential to discuss these forums in detail and without rush. With that, there will be a part two, meaning this blog will only present five of the ten sites while a second part blog will complete the series. 


Read on, learn more, and hopefully your relationship problems will be solved by these online tools. 


About: Marriage Forum


About Marriage Forum is indeed a haven for couples who are experiencing some challenges in their lives. It was created by Bob and Sheri Stritof of, and the community also moderates the forum. Aside from this, Marriage Forum also provides money saving tips, freebies, and deals, recipes, gardening tips, do it yourself projects, homesteading, entrepreneurship and holiday planning discussions. 


If you have a concern with your partner or spouse and you don’t know how to talk to him or her about it, go to About’s Marriage Forum.


EHealth: Relationships and Marriage Forum


eHealth Relationships and Marriage Forum is a group tackling issues about the emotional, mental and physical connection among couples. They aim to preserve and improve lives by delivering valuable information and discussions about health through the internet.


Experts in eHealth understand that couples or one of the partners in a relationship may have mental health problems. Issues like depression, bipolar disorder, adult ADHD and ASD, OCD, DID, and similar concerns may plague a relationship. The forums in eHealth would like to assist in that matter and help you become a well-rounded partner to your loved one. 


The Law: Family, Marriage, And Divorce Forum


This forum provides family, marriage and divorce tips and advice from a legal standpoint. Issues about family matters, premarital issues, engagement, marriage, divorce, name changes, annulment, child support, alimony, adultery, domestic violence, child neglect and many more are being tackled in this forum.


ExpertLaw: Divorce And Family Law Group


ExpertLaw’s Family and Divorce Forum talks about the laws regarding family and marital relationships. It will help you gear up for what can happen especially in the courts. If you are on the brink of separating or divorcing your spouse, this may be a helpful place for you. 




LoveShack features a community that provides profound dating advice, tips, articles and discussions that are worth considering. It aims to help you improve and understand everything that is going on with your relationships and other issues regarding social interaction. If the love is new, go to LoveShack for some honest love advice.


As mentioned earlier, there are only five forums in this article. The next five will be discussed in a part two blog. 


Every adult on this planet is experiencing a relationship concern. It’s not just you, which means you are not alone in this burden. Reach out and talk to others. It will help ease the pain and provide insight on what you need to do.

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