5 Benefitting Reasons To Join Support Groups

Support from family and friends is an essential component in coping with depression and anxiety. But, some sufferers do not enjoy this kind of treatment. That’s where support groups come in.

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Support groups are a gathering of people who are suffering from the same mental illness or recovering from a traumatic experience. They are not alternatives to therapy, but many psychiatrists have recommended their patients to join support groups. Support groups give comfort to those who are in need, but they can do so much more than that. 


But, why should you join support groups? Well, we have compiled five reasons why you should do so. 


Making you feel less alone

When we are suffering from a mental illness or recovering from a traumatic experience, we feel alone. We begin to think that we are the only one who is experiencing these things; thus, other people can’t understand us. With support groups, however, you are surrounded by people who are suffering the same things and give you the comfort you need. 

Releasing your frustrations

To feel better, we tend to let everything out to our friends and family. But, most often, they won’t understand our feelings and say the wrong things. Sometimes, we can’t even talk about our feelings to friends and family. On the other hand, support groups are safe spaces to talk about our experiences. Everyone is understanding because they know your struggles. 


Learning new, better coping mechanisms

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Other than talking about feelings, support groups also discuss coping mechanisms. For example, members can share what helps them relax after anxiety attacks. They can also recommend psychiatrists and doctors who might help improve our conditions or walk you through the treatment process. They can also teach you skills that’ll help you in the long run.


Allowing you to help others

You might not know this, but by sharing your experiences in support groups, you are already helping others. Sufferers tend to find inspirations from others. Through your stories, you can inspire others to find treatment, better coping mechanisms, or even hope. And the best part of helping others? You are also helping yourself get better by helping others find their way. 


Giving you a sense of hope

If you can inspire others, then others can also encourage you. Joining support group helps you find that sense of confidence that you have lost somewhere along the way. In support groups, you will know people who have overcome their experiences and came out as new, stronger people. These people are living examples that you too can survive this encounter and become stronger.

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Support groups can help you for a million reasons other than these five. Not only will support groups assist you on your road to recovery, but you can also meet new friends along the way. So, go on and join one! You can visit BetteHelp to check support groups that are being handled by mental health professionals, just in case you are interested. 

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