How Religion can calm Anxiety


While anxiety is commonly a result of stress, it has been claimed that it can also be a result of fear, especially if the fear is contributing to that stress. Fear is an ambiguous term as it attributes something different to each person. However, as mentioned by, there are three main fears that dominate every person at some point in their life: the fear of the Unknown, the fear of Death, and personal fears or phobias (fear of spiders, needles, people, etc.). These types of fears can truly take over a person’s life during traumatic and stressful times, and because of their significance and mystery, they are harder to maintain, but there is a way. Often times, when troubled with dark periods in which you can think of nothing else but these fears, it is best to immerse yourself in religion. 


Religion helps restore your faith in the world, in a higher being, in others, and in yourself. This is due to its meditative approach—meditation being a leading cure to anxiety overall. There are many aspects of it that eases the mind and brings balance to the body as well as reconnect you with the world around you. According to, the following are such aspects: 

  • Praying. This restores your faith in yourself because praying is not asking God to make life easier, but connecting or conversing with Him. It gives you piece of mind and can allow you to express yourself, both of which relive stress.
  • Attending church more regularly. This reminds you of your growing relationship with God as well as your ability to persevere and to believe in yourself as you continue the routine. Attending church can also be relaxing as it presents a calming environment and allows you to interact with others. 
  • Respecting your body. A moderate amount of exercise is not only encouraged by clinical professionals, but by the Bible as well. It is also recommended to eat right and to love your body and yourself. God loves and accept you for who you are, you should do the same for yourself.
  • Volunteering. Not only does this restore your faith in humanity, this can also act as a hobby or an expression of self, both of which are highly recommended in treating severe anxiety. It is especially effective if you volunteer for projects or organizations that you are interested in or that support messages that you care about. 
  • Focusing on your beliefs. This allows you to devote to something positive as you set specific goals for yourself such as going to church every week or volunteering for multiple helpful organizations. It also helps you build a continuous and serene relationship with God.


As always, during trying times, it is helpful to be social. Many of these benefits give you the opportunity to interact with others who most likely know what you’re going through and are more than willing to help. If you are interested in evangelism, specifically, and wish to know more about it or get involved in the organizations they support, see If you’re still struggling or your depression worsens, it may be wise to speak with a professional. You can find the right consultant for you at, where you can receive help at anytime, anywhere. 


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