Emotional Healing After Cancer: It’s All In Your Mind

When you’ve been diagnosed with cancer it can be the worst time in your entire life. You don’t know what the next year or even the next few months is going to bring. You’re lost, scared, confused, angry, sad and so many other emotions all at the same time that it feels like you’re on a roller coaster, but getting that clear bill of health isn’t quite what you’ve expected either.

Why That Bill of Health Isn’t the Bliss You Imagined

When you first look at that piece of paper that says you’re cancer-free, or the doctor tells you that the cancer is gone, it can feel like a huge weight has been lifted off you. It can feel more than amazing. You feel like everything is going to be all right, and for a few moments, everything seems perfect again.

But that moment passes, and you may start to feel scared again, confused again, and even angry again. The simple truth is, being cancer-free isn’t going to immediately make you feel happy, blissful and perfect in your life again. Because the physical cure is only the first step in truly curing you.


Healing Your Mind

Cancer doesn’t just affect your physical body when it strikes. It attacks your mind, showing you that you’re not completely invincible and that you have very little control over your own life. It makes you feel entirely out of control and uncertain about what is going to happen next, and when you get that clear bill of health, you still have those emotions.

The next step, is working through the struggles that you’re facing in your own mind. You may still feel all those same emotions that you felt when you were first diagnosed, angry that this happened to you, confused about why it happened, scared about what might happen next and much more. Even worse, you might now feel guilty because you don’t feel as happy as you think you should. 

Getting help can be the best option for you, but figuring out just where to go might be its own struggle. One important way to help yourself overcome the struggle is to connect with others who are going through something similar to you. Speaking with or at least hearing from people who are also struggling with cancer or with the aftermath of cancer can help you, and these radio shows are definitely one way to get started. 

Another important aspect is getting professional help. Sitting down and talking with a professional can help you feel better about what you’re going through and it can help you come to terms with everything that you’ve experienced, whether good or bad. 

Speaking with your family after you’ve been declared cancer-free can be difficult, because they don’t understand the myriad emotions that you feel that aren’t just happy. Speaking with a professional, however, can help you to express all of those feelings and work your way through them so that you can be happy again.

Getting Help For You

Keep in mind that everything about this is all about you. It’s not about making anyone else feel better, but about helping you to overcome and feel better. You don’t need to pretend to be fine for them. It’s important that you actually be fine, instead. Talk to people about how you’re feeling. You may be surprised to find out that some of your family are going through those negative emotions too, after all, they almost lost you and that’s enough for them to feel scared, angry and a whole lot more. 

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