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Get Back on Track to Health and Wellbeing

Emotional problems can have serious consequences—interfering with your work, school, self-esteem or relationships. Fortunately, effective treatment is available. If you have problems with an eating disorder, depression, anxiety, stress, or other issues, our specialized counseling can help you get back on track to feeling happier and healthier.


Make Peace With Your Body and With Food

Do you feel out of control when you eat? Obsess about food and dieting? Or, think you’re “fat” no matter how much weight you lose? Disordered eating doesn’t need to control your life. We can give you tools to end old self-defeating habits with food, weight and dieting. You’ll feel better about your body and, more importantly, yourself.


Conquer Anxiety, Stress and Depression

Does work or school tie you up in knots? Do you sometimes have trouble sleeping at night? Do you often feel down, tired or moody? Take heart. Whether it’s anxiety, depression, or excessive stress, we can help you gain important skills to manage your moods, decrease worry and feel more in control.