Perks Of Not Taking Yourself Too Seriously



We were having lunch in the office one time, talking about our clothing choices. A colleague named Anne is known as the most serious person in the group, but we still encourage her to lighten up. So, when another lady said, “Oh, why are you wearing your flower vase today, Anne?” she got mad.

Anne put her eating utensils down and glared at our coworker. She replied, “This dress is worth $300. What are you talking about?”

To avoid an impromptu confrontation, I kicked the other lady under the desk to tell her not to answer anymore. From that day, Anne never joined our group during lunch break again.

If I am honest, that short interaction between my colleagues showed me that people take themselves too seriously sometimes. I don’t know about you, but I feel bothered every time I see someone pissed off when a friend makes fun of them good-naturedly. People like Anne think that they are above all of us, and so it is a mortal sin to joke around with them. Little do they know that there are good perks to not taking yourself too seriously.

You Will Attract More People Towards You



It is no secret that most individuals are allergic to people who don’t know how to have fun. Some will only talk about it among friends, but others will not mind saying it right to your face. After all, those who cannot take a joke about them appear to be pretentious and overall unattractive.

In case you want to have more friends or clients, for this reason, you should try to loosen up. Learn to laugh with other people, regardless if they are talking about you or themselves. It will not lessen your dignity if you do that, I promise.

You Will Be Able To Show Your Maturity

When someone tries to poke fun at them, the usual response is, “Stop acting like a child!”

The truth that most people don’t realize, however, is that being able to laugh at yourself shows how mature you can be. If you don’t believe me, think back to the days when your favorite hangout place is the playground in your neighborhood. When you were still a child, you tend to cry if another kid turns you into a laughingstock. That behavior used to be tolerable because you did not know any better; you were practically a baby at the time.

Now that you are an adult and still whining about people laughing at your expense, something must be very wrong with you.

You Can Enjoy Life



Lastly, laughing at yourself will allow you to enjoy life to the fullest. As you perhaps already know, not everyone can be your best friend. You may have colleagues now who feel comfortable with joking around you, but there will be people who will try to turn you into a laughingstock. If you cannot get along with the former, how can you survive when the latter strikes?

Final Thoughts

Do you see my point now? Not taking yourself too seriously is not a ridiculous idea. In truth, I recommend it to make your life less annoying than it probably is at the moment.