Part 1: Kickstarting Your Child’s Wellness Journey With Skateboarding



It is uncommon for parents in the past to ask their kids to live healthily. They love giving everything that their sons and daughters want, regardless if it’s food or toys. However, wanting to start your child’s wellness journey early is not a bad thing.

In our family’s case, we gave our boys a chance to pick one sport that they can all do. Their choice is skateboarding.

Toy Vs. Real Boards For Children

The first thing that we should be clear about is that there are proper skateboards meant for kids. They have sturdy decks and reliable trucks that you typically see on the type that grownup riders use, even though the sizes are far more suitable for their height and weight.

The toy version of a skateboard, on the other hand, is composed of plastic materials. It glides on the ground too, yet the structure is not as stable as the former. You can get this one for your little boy or girl for playtime, that’s for sure. In case you want him or her to be a serious rider, however, buy a proper skateboard.

3 Tips On How To Choose Kids’ Skateboards

Buy The Skateboard From A Quality Brand



We have already mentioned the difference between a real and a toy wheel board, and let me tell you that the latter can regularly be found in department stores. Since you are letting the kiddo ride one to become a pro in the future, you have to take a skateboard from a company that is known for creating high-quality boards. You most likely know the right parts for him or her as you come to this part of the article too, so buying the appropriate one won’t be tough.

Get A Wheelboard That Is Already Set Up

In case never once in your life have you tried to assemble a skateboard, you should not start with your child’s as that may put them in danger. What you can do is obtain a complete board that he or she can ride as soon as you get out of the stall.

Let The Kid Decide On The Graphics



Assuming that you are particular about the sturdiness of the wheel board and the various pieces attached to it, the third tip is to allow your little rider to choose the design that will go on the skateboard. It is his or hers, after all, so they should get to have the final say regarding the graphics.

Final Thoughts

Skateboarding is admittedly not the most conventional sport to allow your kids to try. There were a few times when I honestly wanted to enroll them to football or tennis instead, especially when I see them fall on their knees. Despite that, as long as they are enjoying the activity and getting the exercise they need, everything will be okay.

Note: This is the first half of a two-part series about skateboarding. Next week, I will let you know how we have gotten the best skateboards for our kids.