Spoilt for Choice: The New Pressure Of Finding Your Future


What do you want to be when you grow up?  

From an early age, I grew up watching the popular 90’s American comedy Frasier almost every morning before school as my mum would usually have it on in the background. Immediately I was fascinated by the profession of the main character Frasier Crane, a radio talk show psychologist. Even though it is probably not the best source of Psychology facts or information, I was instantly hooked, and I knew I too wanted to study Psychology. I bought second-hand text books from Car boot sales (or Flea markets for any Americans reading this) and immersed myself in the fascinating topic. At the age of 15 I chose to study it at college (Late high school for you Americans again, 16-18 years) where I obtained top marks and later took it at University and graduated with the highest possible grade.


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How Drugs And Alcohol Destroy Families

Source: alcoholrehabguide.org

We start doing things for a variety of reasons. Some start to drink out of curiosity or peer pressure; same goes to those who are introduced to illegal drugs. These substances are also used by some to relieve stress, or to feel relaxed. But is it possible to be too relaxed?

According to statistics, more two-thirds of families in the U.S. are affected by addiction. Alcohol is misused as something that people believe as something that can help them “escape” from their problems or help them forget about it for a small while. Same goes for illegal drugs, it starts out as just “trying it out” but ultimately ends up as an addiction.

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Health And Well-Being Education

Do you really need educating on health and well-being? For the most part, you’d think you know how to look after yourself and how to ensure you stay healthy for longer, but do you? Well, in truth, there are many who are lacking in terms of health education and find they aren’t as prepared as they thought. Being fully educated over health and well-being can be extremely important and something that helps you on a daily basis.

It’s about being physically and emotionally healthy

A lot of people associated with health and well-being education with physical fitness and health. However, while it’s very much important to remain physically healthy, you also need to be emotionally healthy. Your mind needs to be as healthy as your heart because they work in tandem and if one is unhealthy, they both are in reality. That is why health and well-being education is a must and it has become something more and more people need on a daily basis, too. Continue reading “Health And Well-Being Education” »

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Family Harmony

Which family doesn’t argue? Every single family argues whether it’s over whose turn it is to pick the family day activity, or who gets to use the bathroom first! Even when a family has grown, harmony doesn’t always come. People love one another but they can argue and be less harmonious than possible! However, can family harmony really help heal a family and what should you do to try and bring family harmony to your household? This site partly talks about it.

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